Response to Information Request on Water Issues

The Winter Springs Community Association recently submitted a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to the City of Winter Springs. We wanted to discover a) the results of the City’s investigation into the recent smells and reports of sewage being dumped into ponds, b) a list of residents who had complained about the water and the City’s responses to those complaints and c) information related to the reports of insurance claims being filed for residents dealing with health issues.

We have included a summary of the requests and responses from the City below. You may also view the PDF showing the exact email correspondence with the City.

Summary of Requests and Responses

Request 1: A list of all findings by Veolia (water management company) or city staff related to the recent water/sewage issues.

City Response 1: No records exist

Request 2: A list of all residents who have complained about the water

City Response: No records exist

Request 3: Information related to the insurance company and claims filed on behalf of residents

City Response: Declined to provide information

In short, the City of Winter Springs is stating that a) they have no records of any findings by Veolia or City staff related to the smells or reports of sewage dumps b) they have no records of any residents calling to complain and c) they will not provide us the name of the insurance company with whom claims have been filed.

The City of Winter Springs has stated that Veolia, the company tax payers are paying millions of dollars to manage our water system, is not investigating the reports of smells and sewage dumps. The City of Winter Springs also claims that it has no record of residents calling to complain.

If true, this is unconscionable, and further emphasizes the need for Veolia to be fired (which is included in our petition you can sign here) and for a radical changes to be made to the City of Winter Springs “Water Works” program.

Full Text of Requests and Responses

Below you will find a PDF file containing the request, as made by Winter Springs Community Association Ken Greenberg and the City’s response email. The text of the original requests are in blue font, and the City’s response is in red font.


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