“Living, Growing and Promoting One Heart, One Pulse, One Community, One Winter Springs.”

What we do: The Winter Springs Community Association (WSCA) was created to help our community become “One Winter Springs”. We are “Living, Growing and Promoting One Heart, One Pulse, One Community, One Winter Springs.”

Whom do we serve? The WSCA serves Winter Springs residents and business leaders who wish to contribute and propel the most positive Community rebuilding effort ever undertaken in our City. Winter Springs is woefully short on entertainment, dining, medical and other important professional services and our Association seeks to serve you, our neighbors by helping any new business wishing to join our community to enhance your quality of life.

How do we serve?  The WSCA serves our Community by being a leader in promoting and supporting residents, neighborhoods and businesses in Winter Springs and in uniting our very spread-out community, both on the East side and West side. The West side has long been ignored commercially and economically. The WSCA will promote both sides of the City by holding neighborhood events across the entire City.

What are our hopes and dreams? Our goal is to bring our City together in a manner in which Government cannot. We prosper when there is unity. Homeowners pay 91% of the City’s taxes. This is not sustainable without major tax increases which we strongly oppose. The overdevelopment of apartments must stop and the renovation of existing run-down commercial space must move to the forefront. The WSCA leadership is comprised of current and former elected officials who know what can be done from the Governmental side, and also includes great talent from within the various City neighborhoods and our business communities. You could say the WSCA is building a true “Dream Team” to move our City forward and continually seeks to involve all who want to be part of the WSCA.

What problem are we solving for the greater good? The WSCA will be instrumental in solving long seeded City problems which can only be solved by complete community effort. WSCA is the perfect vehicle to drive positive changes. We are NOT a political group and have NO political agenda other than what is best for the future of Winter Springs. We already are one of the safest Cities in Florida, in a County with many of the Best schools in Florida, and now it is time to be the best community for a great lifestyle in Florida. The WSCA will be the Leader in making it happen!