In response to the profound stench so many residents are experiencing throughout our city, our Association sent a letter (read the entire letter here) to our City and County leaders this evening, in which we made the following requests:

1. Fire Veolia, the company responsible for our water system, which we had warned about given their complicity in the Flint, Michigan water crisis

2. Acknowledge the health risks that come with drinking our water, which the City has repeatedly denied, even to the point of filing health insurance claims for affected residents

3. Modify the “Water Works” program as a misguided election year program largely designed as a PR stunt which denied the real drinking water health issues facing residents and instead prioritized superficial and minor wastewater system repairs which led to the awful stench

4. Re-align priorities to make sure hard earned tax payer dollars are not wasted and are spent on the most pressing drinking water issues. We should have a new drinking water plant before a new wastewater plant

5. Appoint a citizen task force consisting of residents not on the city payroll or connected with a contractor working on the water system, to review all relevant documentation and testing to provide a transparent online resource for residents to find reliable information on our current water issues.

If you agree, ADD YOUR VOICE BELOW, and tell City Hall it’s time to get real about our water!

Stop The Stink


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