Winter Springs’ Impending Water Rate Crisis

In recent weeks, I have been told by several people that Winter Springs city leadership is discussing the potential of residents’ water bills increasing by 11% for each of the next five years. A compounding 11% increase over a five year period results in more than a 68% increase. A $150 water bill would increase to $252.

During the last election cycle, critics of the commissioners who lost re-election cried foul at a rate hike study being delayed until after the election for fear the news of a looming price increase would have negative political ramifications.

It seems those of us who were curious of what to expect are getting our answers.

To make matters worse, local news outlets reported preliminary findings of an audit conducted by the Seminole County Clerk of Court flagged city management for misappropriating millions of dollars, recommending the money be paid back. Utility bills would arguably be affected by millions of dollars in loan repayment on top of the anticipated 68% increase.

As as resident of Winter Springs since 2017, I strongly urge Seminole County and the Florida Legislature to consider any and every action which may be taken to spare the residents of Winter Springs the financial hardship of having water bills increase by potentially more than 70%.

Jesse Phillips, President
Winter Springs Community Association