Concerns Surrounding Commissioner Benton’s Campaign Transactions

As residents of Winter Springs, Florida, we are concerned about recent revelations regarding City Commissioner Matt Benton’s involvement in his fellow commissioners’ unsuccessful re-election campaigns. According to campaign finance reports, Commissioner Benton received payments totaling over $14,000 from Mayor McCann, Commissioner Cannon, and Commissioner Hale for campaign-related services through his company, Graphic Services. Commissioner Benton also helped fund a PC called “People For Honest Government” whose chairman is ally Ken Spalthoff, and whose wife Sheila Benton is the Treasurer.

These transactions raise several red flags, including the possibility of conflicts of interest, the opportunity to violate Florida’s Sunshine Laws, and a lack of transparency in Commissioner Benton’s dealings. The fact that Commissioner Benton facilitated all these campaign activities through his own company is particularly troubling, as it creates the appearance of impropriety and raises questions about his ability to remain objective when considering issues before the city commission.

Furthermore, the degree of personal coordination likely required to facilitate these campaign activities would have necessitated private communication and an opportunity for two commissioners to potentially discuss issues that may come before the city council, further complicating the matter.

  • What safeguards did Mr. Benton establish to ensure transparency related to any private conversations with Mayor McCann and fellow commissioners regarding these campaign-related transactions? 
  • Were other independent parties not involved in the PC invited to be present during any such conversations to ensure the conversations did not also include discussions about issues that may come before the commission? 

As constituents, we rely on our elected officials to represent our interests and make decisions that benefit our community as a whole. However, these transactions raise concerns about Commissioner Benton’s ability to do so, particularly if his constituents disagree with another commissioner who has already paid him thousands of dollars.

In light of these concerns, we urge the City of Winter Springs to conduct a thorough investigation into Commissioner Benton’s campaign transactions and to take appropriate action to ensure transparency and integrity in our local government. Our city deserves leaders who are dedicated to serving the public interest and upholding ethical standards, and it is up to us as citizens to hold them accountable.

In conclusion, the recent revelations surrounding Commissioner Benton’s campaign transactions are deeply concerning and must be addressed with transparency and accountability. The people of Winter Springs deserve nothing less than a government that operates in their best interests and upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct.

IMAGE A: Transactions payable to “Graphic Services” (i.e. Matt Benton) 
[source Seminole County Supervisor of Elections]
IMAGE B: Contributions to “People for Honest Government” PC
[source Florida Department of State Division of Elections]