Whistleblower Video: “I have children; because of fecal matter a lot of people falling sick”

Winter Springs water plant manager claims water test results intentionally falsified; log books purposefully removed so tests could not be sent to state.

We interviewed a former Winter Springs wastewater plant operator/manager who described systemic deceit, intentional misreporting of water test data, to hide the true nature of the condition of our water system from state authorities. Stagnated water was improperly tested, results falsified and valves opened and closed at the direction of “someone” in management.

“They made my shift more difficult and isolated.”

Our association launched the Water Quality Initiative and have been tirelessly working for years to raise concerns about Veolia, the Flint, Michigan water company running our water system, with city leadership. Commissioners, primarily Commissioner Cannon, have repeatedly praised Veolia, and accused our association of sharing misinformation.

“This cannot happen without someone opening and closing a valve. Who gave the order to do that?”

We greatly appreciate the many brave city employees who have started to speak out addressing concerns about city leadership both before and after Hurricane Ian. The following video contains a number of segments of our video interview outlining the issues with Veolia management and the toxic environment created by city leadership:


  • Staff was improperly trained and new employees discouraged from asking questions. Shift schedules were used to isolate employees who raised questions about testing practices.
  • Weeks before massive fish kill in the highlands, questions were asked about where the wastewater was going and ignored by management. The city, including commissioner Cannon, wrongfully denied sewage was dumped into the pond.
  • Attempts to properly document issues with the wastewater plants were thwarted by management; log books were removed and the plant operator prevented from making entries.
  • “I have children”; plant operator expressed concerns about a lot of people “falling sick” because of fecal matter wrongfully discharged.