NO Super Walmart–1,200 petitions in 48 hours

Winter Springs residents have signed over 1,200 petitions in under 48 hours, including more than one thousand petitions in a single day, to fight a proposal to put a Super Walmart along 434 and Vistawilla Drive. The petition drive was sponsored by the Winter Springs Community Association, which has also sponsored the Fix 434 Traffic & Safety Initiative for the past few years.

Jesse Phillips, President of the Winter Springs Community Association, made the following statement:

“The response to our petition is overwhelming. People are upset about the broken campaign promises of our commissioners and this outpouring of opposition against a Super Walmart shows the First Amendment is alive and well.”

The petition may be signed here.

5 thoughts on “NO Super Walmart–1,200 petitions in 48 hours

  1. Catherine Four

    There is enough Walmart around us to build another one. Walmart, save your money to pay your employee more or to find better quality items.
    Thank you.

  2. Michael Andreini

    There are plenty of Walmarts already, we have one on the opposite end of Tuskawilla and Red Bug plus a Marketplace on Red Bug. Focus the energy on revamping the Oviedo mall area and bringing in better stores and restaurants there.

    Be smarter about where you build these cheap new neighborhoods where every house/townhouse looks the same. The townhomes behind the McDonald’s on 434/Tuskawilla are more of an eye sore then anything else.

  3. K

    Don’t ruin Winter Springs with a trashy WalMart. There’s already too much development going on with these crappy townhomes everywhere. What happened to Seminole county being Florida’s natural choice? Winter Springs and the surrounding area is being sold to the highest bidder.

  4. Steven

    Part of the reason I took a job out of state was the amount of development winter Springs no longer has that small town feel

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