Local Government Transparency

The Winter Springs Community Association submitted the following statement urging City Commissioners to support SB 510, which brings much needed transparency to local government:

Mayor & Commissioners:

The Winter Springs Community Association urges the Winter Springs Commission to support SB 510 which is currently making its way through the legislature. The bill was unanimously passed by the Senate Community Affairs Committee and will require mayors, commissioners, and municipal managers to comply with the financial disclosure requirements of the Florida Commission on Ethics.

There is currently a loophole in the law which allows city leaders to avoid filing the same financial disclosures as state and federal elected officials. As proponents of Home Rule, our belief in the priority of local decision making heightens the importance of maintaining trust and transparency between residents and decision makers at City Hall.

The decisions of commissioners, the City Manager and Deputy City Manager directly impact our everyday lives. Why should they not be held to the same standards of transparency and integrity as our state and federal officials? We strongly urge this Commission to support SB 510.


The bill (SB 510) was submitted by Senator Jason Brodeur to require city officials to adhere to the same code of ethics as state and federal officials. Click to read full analysis of the Senate Bill.

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