READ: Florida Department of Environmental Protection Issues Scathing Report


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued a scathing warning letter outlining a summary of 24 possible violations as part of a 58 page report (see link above).

The report contains the result of several investigations which shed light on the failures of the Water Management Company Veolia, the global company whom the City Manager and Commissioners chose to outsource the management of our water system.

The report shows notes from investigators, unreported contaminant reading which were out of compliance, and insufficient policies and documentation.

The Winter Springs Community Association had issued unheeded warnings about the management company as part of its Water Quality Initiative.

We encourage all of our members to watch the following video, which we assembled after the DEP sent the warning to City Manager Shawn Boyle, in which we revisited previous communication with Commissioner Kevin Cannon, in order to make some important connections and put the recent revelations in context:

After the Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued a warning to Shawn Boyle regarding Veolia, we went back and revisited some communication with Kevin Cannon and assembled this Water Quality Initiative update.

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