Survey Results: 84% of residents feel city is headed in wrong direction

Survey also finds more than 90% concerned about cronyism ahead of Interim Mayor appointment

Friday, March 25, 2021—Winter Springs, FL—In a survey conducted by the Winter Springs Community Association (WSCA), more than 8 in 10 Winter Springs residents said they were not happy with the direction of the city. The survey asked questions about water quality, high-density housing development passed by current commissioners and the upcoming appointment of an Interim Mayor.

“Just one year ago, only 39% of residents felt our city was going in the wrong direction,” said WSCA President Ken Greenberg. “Our commissioners’ decisions to break campaign promises, engage in hypocrisy and dishonesty about development and dismiss residents’ concerns about water quality has not gone unnoticed by the public, who now feel our city is going the wrong direction by a staggering 84%. Increasing dissatisfaction by 45% in 12 months is not an accomplishment to be proud of.”

Residents made it clear they are hoping for a new direction, while also expressing strong reservations about self-appointments and cronyism. When asked if they believed the mayoral appointment represented an opportunity for a fresh perspective and new direction, 83% agreed. However, when asked if they believed any of the current commissioners should appoint themselves Mayor, 95% said no. When asked if they were concerned about cronyism, 91% said yes.

“It’s staggering that only 1 in every 10 residents could support any of our commissioners as Mayor,” said Jesse Phillips, WSCA Executive Vice President. “It’s hard to get 9 in 10 dentists to agree on a toothpaste. Ninety percent opposition is a shocking number and scathing indictment of our commissioners.”

Trends can also be observed when comparing with past surveys conducted by the Winter Springs Community Association.

  • Disapproval of the city direction is at its highest point since tracking began one year ago. In January 2020, 39% of residents felt the city was headed in the wrong direction. Today that number stands at 84%.
  • In February 2020, 62% of residents disapproved of how the city was handling the water system. This number has now grown to 80%.
  • Last year, 74% of residents disapproved of the decision to approve special exemptions for high density housing along 434. Today, 92% of residents disapprove of commissioner Johnson and Cannon’s votes.

Following requests and pressure by the Winter Springs Community Association, city leaders seemed to withdraw potential efforts for a quick appointment. A public meeting was scheduled and application process outlined by which residents may apply to be appointed by collecting 15 signatures.

In light of the concerns for cronyism, the Winter Springs Community Association has requested a written agreement from each commissioner to not appoint another commissioner, past candidate or someone with known political or professional ties to a commissioner. As of the time of this release, no commissioner has replied or made any public statement indicating their position.

After the application period ends April 1st, the Winter Springs Community Association will review qualified candidates and continue to solicit feedback from its members.