Someone tried to defend the City’s Water Quality… It didn’t end well

Ken Spalthoff, who has twice run for office in Winter Springs and twice lost, just can’t seem to let it go.

His most recent antics include launching a tirade in support of the great water quality in Winter Springs. He even went so far as to defend the decision to outsource our city’s water to the same company which was sued by the State of Michigan for complicity in the Flint water crisis.

So what happened in response? Well, people started telling him what they thought of our water quality.

Makes you gag? Wow, that sounds like some high quality H20!

Hardness? Black rings? Terrible tasted and smell? Doesn’t sound good to me!

Not even safe to boil pasta? The responses started to get so bad, even Mr. Spalthoff started to see the light.

Of course he still claims that the water “leaving the treatment plants is great” but then goes on to suggest that it’s only after traveling through “miles of pipes” that it starts to become disgusting. Which, of course begs the question, who owns the pipes? Last time we checked, when you buy a house in Winter Springs, you are not buying the water infrastructure. That is still owned by the City and funded by the utility bill we pay, which is managed by the Flint, Michigan group he claims is doing such a great job! But we digress… as the responses kept coming, you wouldn’t believe what he admitted next…

So there you have it! Famed political troll and defender of Winter Springs water quality finally admits at least some residents don’t have great water!! And he actually suggested testing the water in different areas throughout the city to see where the water quality issues are. This is, incidentally the same goal of our Association’s Water Quality Initiative which we started many months ago after hearing through surveys from many of you how bad the water quality in this City was.

Of course, Mr. Spalthoff has blocked us from his Facebook group, so if someone can send him this link to our Water Quality Initiative, we can assist him in his new found interest in discovering and fixing our poor water quality.

Thanks, Ken!!

4 thoughts on “Someone tried to defend the City’s Water Quality… It didn’t end well

  1. Joanne Krebs

    Must be “something” in the water like “kool aid”. Ken S. is influenced by it and now drinking it. Too bad he relies on current Commission nonsence instead of actual published data. It is a fact that some people cannot drink the water because they feel sick, it is fact that the water taste is poor to many people, it is a fact that many people install water improvement devices and it is fact that slime and black stuff appears in our toilets, sinks and faucets despite cleanliness.

  2. Crystal

    I’ve lived here most of my life, and never had a problem with the water. I heard you guys posted a video showing black stuff in the water, that obviously came from an ice machine that wasn’t regularly cleaned. After being in hospitality for a large part of my life, I know what that looks like. I am no fan of Ken Spalthoff, so don’t even go there with me. But reading comments on your page, I mean, is a little much. I am on another post about this very subject and that very video, and most of us commenting have lived here most of, if not all, of our lives, and have no problems with the water.
    How about a little less drama, and a little more integrity?

  3. Cindy Morgan

    I lived in seminole county Winter Springs and the water tasted ok. I moved to a home in the City of Winter Springs and the taste of the water is bad . I got a filtration system and that helps.

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