Strong Support for SR 434 Improvement Project Among Winter Springs Residents

Strong Support for SR 434 Improvement Project Among Winter Springs Residents

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Winter Springs, FL (3/2/2020)—Support for an effort to improve traffic flow between Winter Springs and Oviedo remains high among Winter Springs residents, according to recent surveys conducted by the Winter Springs Community Association (WSCA).

“The message from the voters is clear: we have a traffic issue and need to do something about it,” said WSCA President and former Commissioner Ken Greenberg. “My neighbors are ready to see the county and state move forward to address traffic, a problem which has plagued our city for too long.”

Residents were asked “Do you support the efforts of Seminole County to address traffic and safety along the 434 corridor by adding modern design roundabouts and enhanced pedestrian trails and crossings?” Respondents in favor of the County efforts outnumbered those opposed by a 24% margin (55-31%). 14% of the respondents were undecided.

“Our Association has been working since the fall to listen to our neighbors, relay accurate information about the plans and test public support for the improvements,” said Jesse Phillips, WSCA Executive Vice President. “Our most recent survey shows support is very strong. Seminole County’s apparent willingness to step in has produced optimism something will finally be done to help our city.”

Additional feedback from the respondents shows opposition to the measure is soft. A strong majority of area residents believe traffic is a problem and favor improvements of some kind. A portion of those hesitant to support a roundabout-specific solution believed area drivers will have difficulty navigating roundabouts. This indicates the opposition level may be reaching its ceiling and presents an opportunity to increase support levels through increased public education about the advantages of roundabouts.

Background: Fix 434 Traffic & Safety Initiative

Last fall, the WSCA conducted community surveys and found issues of traffic and congestion to be of importance to city residents. WSCA leadership decided to take a proactive approach to bring relief to congestion along the SR-434 corridor between the 417 and Oviedo.

Association President Ken Greenberg presented a letter to county commissioners and leaders requesting the county work with the Florida Department of Transportation to bring much needed relief without adding additional tax burden to city residents. WSCA also launched the “Fix 434” Impact Initiative to raise awareness and test public support for the effort.

The WSCA also partnered with Seminole County leadership by hosting Commissioner Bob Dallari as a featured speaker at an Association meeting to discuss the project, and promoted a public meeting hosted by Seminole County to hear from residents on the project.

WSCA Executive Vice President Jesse Phillips also lobbied the City of Winter Springs to support the project last fall at a meeting in which a resolution to support the efforts to fix SR-434 was successfully passed by the Winter Springs commission.

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