Contact: Jesse Phillips
Phone: 407-492-4915

Winter Springs, FL (3/11/19)—The newly formed Winter Springs Community Association announced its founding board Monday, including two current and three former city commissioners, and other influential community leaders. The association mission is to provide community leadership and serve as a catalyst to unite the business, civic and residential leadership of the city behind the mission statement “Living, growing and promoting one heart, one pulse, one community” and the slogan “One Winter Springs.”

“I am so very honored to serve as the President of the Winter Springs Community Association,” said Ken Greenberg, founding President and former City Commissioner, “The Board of this organization is certainly one of true community leadership including current and former elected officials, HOA leadership, business leaders and community movers and shakers.”

The Association has announced plans to promote the City of Winter Springs and foster cooperation and unity by hosting and sponsoring events, fostering networking opportunities to serve the businesses, homeowners associations and residential neighborhoods across the entirety of Winter Springs.

“Winter Springs needs an unapologetic advocate, a team of ambassadors to go out and spread the message about how great our city is,” said Executive Vice President Jesse Phillips, adding, “This is one of the best places in Central Florida to live and we want it to be the best place for work and leisure as well.”

Community leaders have long expressed concerns about the imbalance between residential development and businesses within the city limits. Association leadership hopes a full court press will heal divisions and make Winter Springs an attractive place for business which will add value to the residents who call the City home.

“Our community has become very splintered politically and geographically between the eastern and western regions,” said Greenberg. “New businesses have been very reluctant to move to Winter Springs for a variety of reasons. Burdening homeowners with 91% of the tax base is not a formula for long-term success. The Winter Springs Community Association is a greatly needed and long-overdue force of positive change and community cohesiveness.”

The Winter Springs Community Association founding board includes:

Ken Greenberg, President
Jesse Phillips, Executive Vice President
Commissioner Joanne Krebs, Vice President Events
James Evans, Vice President Communications
Paul Finnegan, Vice President HOA
Commissioner Jean Hovey, Treasurer & Secretary
Commissioner Geoff Kendrick, Director
Commissioner Cade Resnick, Director
Malcom Dangler, Director
Bob Henderson, Director
Maurice Kaprow, Director
Len Kornblau, Director
Randy Martin, Director
Alejandro Martinez, Director

The Association also announced a website ( and Facebook Page (