The Winter Springs Water Quality Initiative has begun to track the notices issued by the City of Winter Springs affecting our water system in one central location to share with area residents. The following table contains all known advisories, including the date, type of notice (water boil, service outage, etc), a brief description of the impacted area, the official cause cited by the city and a link to the supporting documentation and explanations offered by the City of Winter Springs.

DateType of noticeImpacted areaofficial causedocumentationHomes Impacted
November 16, 2023Boil Water AlertClearn Court, Tam CourtWater Main BreakLink25
October 27, 2023Boil Water AlertMaple Court, Panama Circle, Keith CourtWater Main BreakLink21
October 16, 2023Boil Water AlertMurphy Road, South EdgemonWater Main BreakLink18
October 12, 2023Boil Water AlertGalloway DriveWater Main BreakLink10
September 9, 2023Boil Water AlertDolphin Road near Seasons CourtWater Main BreakLink179
August 31, 2023Boil Water AlertCortez CourtWater Main BreakLink7
August 18, 2023Boil Water AlertMoss Road near Garden DriveWater Main BreakLink73
August 16, 2023Boil Water AlertNighthawk CircleWater Main BreakLink17
August 14, 2023Road ClosureTuscawilla Road in Town CenterStormwater line damageLink
August 1, 2023Boil Water AlertHighlandsWater line damage (contractor)Link425
July 31, 2023Boil Water AlertClearn Court and Tam CourtWater line damage (contractor)Link25
July 24, 2023Boil Water AlertSeaside Sparrow Lane, Spotted Sandpiper LoopWater line damage (contractor)Link17
July 21, 2023Boil Water AlertAberdeen Lane/CourtWater Main BreakLink21
July 10, 2023Reclaimed Service OutageChelsea WoodsService Line BreakLink
June 28, 2023Boil Water AlertDeer Song subdivisionWater Main BreakLink172
June 27, 2023Boil Water AlertSherry AvenueWater Main BreakLink13
March 13, 2023Boil Water AlertArbors subdivisionWater Main BreakLink135
September 29, 2022Boil Water AlertEntire City of Winter SpringsWater Main BreakLinkEntire City